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As part of the comprehensive development that our students experience, we offer a solid international program that allows our students to continue their studies abroad in prestigious academic institutions, as well as experiencing new and exciting things, perfecting a second or third language, interning in companies from around the world, and expanding their personal and professional horizons.

Our international program is designed so that participating students continue their studies in national or international academic institutions in accordance with their professional profile and their foreign language level of study.

We have signed agreements that allow us to offer academic mobility to different institutions throughout the world, in countries like Spain, Canada, Ireland, Uruguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, USA, among others.

After their seventh quadrimester, students have the option of taking classes abroad and complete their internships in different companies that have agreements with us. For example, students may apply for professional internships at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, among others.

UNILIDER actively promotes student participation in different forums, assemblies, seminars, and international conferences where current events and socially relevant topics are discussed and broached.

Our international program allows for students to travel abroad for academic and cultural experiences, our faculty is complemented by professors born in different parts of the world who contribute to our academic model’s global reach and appeal.

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